Center of Diabetes & Allied Sciences A Multi-Speciality Diabetes Hospital, CDAS is spread across 30,000 sq ft area & is equipped with advanced technology & state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide personalized and committed treatment services with focus on diabetes & its co-morbidities. Read More CDAS - North India’s 1st & only Diabetes Hospital 50 beds | 8 dedicated ICUs | 16 Specialities | Laboratory Services | Diagnostic Services Read More CDAS - North India’s 1st & only Diabetes Hospital 50 beds | 8 dedicated ICUs | 16 Specialities | Laboratory Services | Diagnostic Services Read More CDAS is Backed By Experienced Clinicians The hospital is supported by a team of highly experienced clinicians including surgeons, physicians, diet experts, who ensure that our patients gets most precise & quality treatment. Read More Dr. Tangi Rajdev Patro Chairman - Center of Diabetes & Allied Sciences Know More Experience of over 22 Years with expertise in dealing with Diabetes & its allied health issues. Dr. Yogendra Singh Rajput HOD - Interventional Cardiology Know More - More than 5000 ECHO Doppler - More than 5000 Tread Mill Tests (TMT) - More than 3000 Coronary Angiogram (Radial+ Femoral) - More than 2000 Coronary Intervention Philips Allura Xper FD10 Cardiovascular X-ray System Offering versatile automatic positioning movements and exceptional image quality for coronary angiography. Its images support informed decisions during cardiac & cardiovascular procedures. Read More Advance Dialysis Setup
CDAS provides dialysis services with best-in-class Dialysis Facility with a capacity of providing dialysis to 20 patients round the clock. Read More

Our Specialities


With expert diabetologists, CDAS aims to provide world class super specialized services for Diabetes & its Management. CDAS Hospital Provide the Best Treatment For Diabetes In India.


Center of Diabetes and Allied sciences (CDAS) has a special team of endocrinologists who have received training in various countries and have specialized in the field of endocrinology.

Bariatric & Laparoscopic Surgery

Our team of bariatric surgery engages the patient starting with consultation, surgery, post-operative care for successful recovery, and post-discharge follow-up and counselling about the future lifestyle.


We offer specialized eye care program dedicated to patients suffering from Diabetes, as they need a very different but regular eye care facility.

Internal Medicine

Comprehensive facility for general & preventive medicine, fully supported by latest technology to provide end to end services varying from diagnosis, prevention, wellness programs, etc. Cdas Hospital provides the Best Treatment For Diabetes In India.

Foot Care & Podiatry

The department holds expertise in assessing, diagnosis and managing serious foot conditions, especially in diabetic & geriatric patients.


Complete range of consultative, diagnostic & treatment services for patient suffering from kidney diseases. Best Treatment For Diabetes In India


CDAS provides advanced heart care through experienced cardiologists, cardiac surgeons & 24×7 cath lab & emergency services.

Our Services

At CDAS, with our leading edge technology, we offer live-saving services from the catheterization department in diagnosis, treatment and management of all cardiovascular diseases without opting for major heart surgeries.

Cardiovascular health of an individual is assessed with sophisticated devices which precisely inform the treating cardiologist about the patients’ overall health.

With ever growing needs of advanced diagnostic services, we aim to develop high end radiological services with due course of time. Providing X-Ray & ultrasound services through latest technology is just one step towards building a full-fledged radiological services unit.

Dedicated ICUs for surgery patients, cardiac patients, medical management patients which are equipped with latest critical care & live saving equipment.

CDAS provides dialysis services with best-in-class Dialysis Facility with a capacity of providing dialysis to 20 patients round the clock.

Equipped with latest life saving equipment, our Emergency Services works 24 x 7 providing best of the emergency services. We also provide 24×7 Advanced Life Support Ambulances that works as ICU on wheels & 24×7 Cath Lab to ensure cardiac cases management without wasting any time.

Provides wide spectrum of lab investigations with assurance of delivering high quality & accurate test results.

24 x 7 in-house pharmacy helps our patients to get the right medicine at the right cost. We assure the quality & authenticity of the medicine available at pharmacy. Pharmacy also provides home delivery to patients so that they can get their medicines hassle-free.

Our team of experienced diabetic educators provide life management session for the patients, along with individualized care plan. We have devised the programs based on different needs to diabetic patients & diabetic education is inherent part of the same.

We understand that the 1st hour is very important at the time of any medical emergency including stroke or road accident. Hence, CDAS has developed a Rapid Rescue Team which has an objective of reaching out the patient suffering at least possible time & delivering the live saving first aid services right at the spot.

Yoga has been a key to live a healthy life for years. It has been scientifically proven that Yoga helps in recovering from many lifestyle diseases, including diabetes. Our experience yoga instructor conducts programs based on different speciality needs & helps our patients to recover fast, paving the path to a healthy life ahead.

At Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences, we address individual sexual health through discreet, confidential appointments.

Prevention is always better than cure, and we believe this philosophy, have developed certain wellness program for the patients & people who are not able to focus on their health due to modern lifestyle. Each program has been curated by experienced doctors & wellness experts.

CDAS has taken a new initiative, a one-of-its kind service department – Holistic services. Holistic medicine is the desired choice of management to the patients as it addresses not just disease but the person as a whole. Primary care of a person till each specific department, our holistic health care providers help families live healthily and most importantly stick to healthy living with an integrated approach.

We at Center of Diabetes and Allied Sciences (CDAS), are concerned about both extremes of the weight issues.

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Best Treatment For Diabetes In India

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How Diabetes Affect Eyes

How Diabetes Can Affect Our Eyes Diabetes is basically a disease that leads when the level of sugar is too high in the blood. As the blood source is the main source of energy that comes directly from the food which you eat. Insulin which is a hormone prepared by the pancreas helps the glucose

Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic eye disease refers to a group of eye problems that people with diabetes may face as a complication of diabetes. All can cause severe vision loss or even blindness.

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye,” is reduced vision in an eye that has not received adequate use due to lack of proper eyesight during early childhood.

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